Create HTML Photo Galleries with HTTPhotos

What you can Do

HTTPhotos is a photo gallery software to create HTML photo galleries all made accessible from a photo gallery homepage.

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Version: 4.7

Size: 1MB

System Requirement:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

HTTPhotos 4.7

What reviews Say


HTTPhotos is one of the easiest ways we've come across to create attractive, professional-looking slideshows... HTTPhotos has a sleek and intuitive interface.


HTTPhotos is a stylish and accessible application designed to provide a quick and simple method to enter and alter your pictures, and generate a compilation with them that can be shared on your personal website.

tom's guide

In summation, HTTPhotos is the one stop solution for creating online photo galleries which is effective and free to use.


I don't usually get excited about programs, but httphotos must be one of the best little gallery creator programs I've seen.

Photo Gallery Features

Software Overview

HTTPhotos is a photo gallery software providing an efficient workflow to build HTML photo galleries from photo selection, photo touch-up, HTML photo gallery customization to web publising:

  1. Select photos and arrange them in sequence,
  2. Crop photo, add caption or adjust brightness/contrast,
  3. Customize HTML photo gallery template with colors, fonts, layout,
  4. Automatically create HTML photo gallery (image resizing, HTML code, ...).

Select and sequence photos

Import photos straight from your digital camera memory card, hard drive, USB key, ... Either import individual files or the content of a whole folder. Exclude photos from the album or rate to refine photo selection step by step. View thumbnails you can drag'n drop on a lighttable to build a photo sequence. Multiple instances of HTTPhotos can be run at same time allowing to copy/paste photos between instances or to export rated photos to a new instance.

Add captions, crop photo

An integrated photo editor allows to adjust luminosity, contrast, photo orientation, zoom in or out with ratio constraints, ... Add captions to images to get them displayed for each slide of the HTML photo gallery. Apply filters to blur, sharpen, emboss, turn to black'n white, invert colors or mirror. Display photo properties like filename, size, EXIF date, photo resolution.

Customize HTML photo gallery template

Customize photo template with fonts, colors, textures, title, watermark, layout. A preview is available, opening the temporary result in a web browser and using a smart resizing to avoid multiple same processing time.

Generate HTML photo gallery

Once the photo selection and sequence is all set, press a button to automatically generate the HTML photo gallery. All generated photo albums are listed and linked together on a homepage. Open any of these albums in a web browser by clicking on one. There are two modes: offline and connected. If you're offline, then the photo gallery is saved to your hard drive in folder located at My Documents\httphotos\. If you're connected via an account opened on digicamsoft.com servers, then your photo gallery will be uploaded to and hosted on this server.

Questions and Answers

Can I use HTTPhotos for a commercial website?

HTTPhotos is freeware and can be used for any purpose including building a commercial website without any fee.

Why is HTTPhotos free?

Instead of charging a fixed price for HTTPhotos we prefer users to make a donation that matches their expectations.

How to make a donation?

Your donations can be collected using paypal link below. Any amount is welcome.

How to upgrade to latest version?

HTTPhotos checks at startup for any new available version and pops-up a message if any. In order to upgrade, visit this webpage and download HTTPhotos again. Proceed with installation: this will overwrite with new version while keeping your settings as well as photo albums.

Can I upload generated HTML photo gallery anywhere?

HTTPhotos generate web photo galleries on your local drive in httphotos folder. You can copy or upload generated HTML and picture files anywhere. An easy way to achieve this is to upload the full content of httphotos folder to your web server using an FTP client like filezilla.

What is the User Account for?

HTTPhotos has an integrated connection to digicamsoft.com to easily publish photo galleries online using a PhotoWebSpace. It is up to you to use this service or not.

How to get started?

Please check at this manual to get started with HTTPhotos.

Do I need to be connected?

HTTPhotos works the same whether you're online or offline. You only need to be connected to the internet when you want to publish your HTML photo galleries to a PhotoWebspace.

HTTPhotos is a trademark of digicamsoft.com owners.