Rename photos or videos to EXIF date with Namexif

What Namexif enables to do

Rename photo files to the date recorded by the camera

Use date and time to bulk rename photo files.
  • name photos with a meaningful name,
  • make chronological order same as alphabetical one,
  • set a unique name to photos,
  • synchronize photos from same event but taken from distinct digital cameras,
  • adjust clock with a time shift.
Before renaming After Namexif
IMG-5301.JPG 2019-08-15 12.08.06.JPG
IMG-5302.JPG 2019-08-15 12.08.12.JPG
IMG-5303.JPG 2019-08-15 12.08.13.JPG
MVI_7102.MOV 2019-08-15 12.08.21.MOV

Download Namexif

Version: 2.3

Size: 1MB

System Requirement:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Namexif 2.3

Photos/Videos Renaming Options

Namexif options to bulk photo rename.
Namexif provides a default format for renaming however the user is given the possibility to customize its own renaming format using below tags:

How it Works

Digital cameras embeds a clock and for every photo shot the date and time is saved within the digital picture. Digital pictures are saved using the EXIF standard file format. EXIF provides a DateTime tag that is the date and time of image creation. The format is "YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS" with time shown in 24-hour format, and the date and time separated by one blank character. Since the date and time is recorded within each photos, Namexif reads EXIF data and renames photos by date taken. Similarly, a timestamp is set to each video files that Namexif is able to extract in order to rename the video file.

Why does the name start with the year?

By default, Namexif renames photos starting with the year, then month, day, hour, minute, second. Doing so keeps chronological order right when your file browser displays filenames in alphabetical order.

What if two or more pictures have the same EXIF date?

In case several photos have the same date, Namexif adds a suffix to differentiate filenames with same date. For example, if you have 3 photos taken on August 15th 2019 at 6PM 5mn and 27 seconds:

Same applies to videos files.

What is the shift time by option?

This option allows to adjust time from seconds to hours. This is useful to synchronize multiple cameras or to compensate a jet-lag. The format is +H:MN:SS where H is for Hours, MN is for minutes, SS is for seconds. The sign can be negative. Examples:

What is the eight characters format?

In order to burn a CDROM, you may require an ISO 9660 mode 1 file systems where filenames are in UPPER case and up to 8 + 3 characters. For this option, Namexif computes how many seconds elapsed between photo EXIF date and 1/1/1998. This amount of time is then translated into an hexadecimal base, allowing to map date from 1/1/1998 to 1/1/2134.

How to synchronize photos from multiple cameras?

Namexif provides an easy way to make a chronological photo sequence from multiple cameras by renaming files with date and by adjusting (if necessary) any time difference between cameras. See below example.

Camera #1 renaming
no time shift applied
Camera #2 renaming
+5 seconds time shift applied
Combined cameras
2019-08-15 12.08.03.JPG 2019-08-15 12.08.06.JPG 2019-08-15 12.08.03.JPG
2019-08-15 12.08.10.JPG 2019-08-15 12.08.12.JPG 2019-08-15 12.08.06.JPG
2019-08-15 12.08.16.JPG 2019-08-15 12.08.13.JPG 2019-08-15 12.08.10.JPG
2019-08-15 12.08.12.JPG
2019-08-15 12.08.13.JPG
2019-08-15 12.08.16.JPG

Questions and Answers

How to make a donation?

Your donations can be collected using paypal link below. Any amount is welcome.

What does EXIF means?

EXIF stands for EXchangeable Image File Format.

Does Namexif rename videos?

Since version 2.0, Namexif can also rename videos.

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