Tutorial on how to make a photo website.

Tutorial Sections

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  1. Build your first photo gallery
  2. Select and sequence photos
  3. Edit Photos or add Captions
  4. Customize photo gallery
  5. Manage created photo galleries
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1 » Build your first photo gallery

The two steps below describe how to get started and create a photo gallery with a minimum of clicks.

  1. Import photos to be included in the photo gallery by clicking on the icon highlighted in blue below to open a file dialog.
    The file chooser supports single or multi files selection (hold CTRL key while selecting individual photo files or press SHIFT key to select a range og photos).
    Alternatively, you can import the full content of photos from a folder and its subfolders by using the next icon.
    Once photos are imported, they are displayed as thumbnails on the light table. Thumbnails size can be adjusted using the slider on the bottom right.

  2. Click on "Create Gallery" tab and enter a title for the photo gallery (in this example "My First Gallery") then click on "Save To Drive" button.
    This will generate the photo gallery and write all the required HTML files and resized pictures to your hard drive in "Documents/httphotos" folder.
    The photo gallery is created and listed with title, date and photos amount.
    To open the photo gallery in a web browser, click on the gallery name in the list.
    To open the gallery homepage in a web browser, click on the "Browse Gallery" button at the bottom.

Step 1: Import Photos

Import photo to be included in the photo gallery.

Step 2: Generate Gallery

Generate photo gallery.

2 » Select and sequence photos

Hundreds of pictures can be imported and HTTPhotos provide functionalities to ease and speed-up photo selection.
Best is to consider 2 options:

When the mouse is over a thumbnail, 4 icons are displayed in each corner.
Use or × to respectively rate or exclude the photo from the album. Excluding a photo does NOT delete the photo. HTTPhotos is Read-Only mode.
To un-rate or un-exclude a photo, click the icon again.

Any photo marked with a red cross won't be included to the photo gallery. Remove all excluded photos from the light table by using the filter icon.
Open a new instance of HTTPhotos containing all rated pictures by clicking on "pop-out stars" icon.

To rearrange the photo sequence, use drag'n drop functionality. Blue vertical and horizontal lines show where exactly the thumbnail will be inserted.

Rate or Exclude Photos

Rate or exclude photos.

Sequence Photos

Sequence photos.

3 » Edit photos and add captions

Set photo captions from the "Edit Photo" tab.
Enter text in the bottom text area as shown below.

Photo effects like contrast, luminosity, sharpening can be applied from "Edit Photo" tab.
Because HTTPhotos is working in Read-Only mode, those effects are only applied to the photo gallery and NOT to orginal pictures.

Add Photo Captions

Add captions to photos.

4 » Customize photo gallery

Customization is done from the "Customize" tab and its sub-menus: Layout, Fonts, Colors, Misc.
Customize your photo gallery by making a combination of all available options.

Use "Preview in Browser" button to open the resulting photo gallery in a web browser without actually updating the homepage.

Customize fonts

Customize fonts.

Customize colors

Customize colors.

5 » Manage created photo galleries

All photo albums added to the photo gallery are listed from the "Create Gallery" tab.
It is possible to:

Manage Photo Gallery

Manage Photo Gallery.