HTML Photo Gallery maker

How to make an HTML Photo Gallery

HTTPhotos is a desktop application to build HTML photo galleries from customizable templates. Below is an overview of the application thru screenshots.

Select and Sequence Photos

Select photos to include to HTML Photo Gallery.
  • Load photos to include to the HTML Photo Gallery
  • Refine photo selection
  • Drag and drop thumbnails to sequence photos

Photo Editor and Captions

Basic photo editor.
  • Crop photo with options to keep ratio
  • Add captions to be displayed in the HTML Photo Gallery
  • Apply photo filters like grayscale, image sharpening, mirror, ...

Create HTML Photo Gallery

Generate HTML Photo Gallery.
  • Set a title to the HTML Photo Gallery
  • Set a date to the photo collection
  • Generate the HTML Photo Gallery locally or upload it online

Customize Photo Gallery Homepage

All Photo Galleries linked from a homepage.
  • A homepage list all available photo galleries
  • The homepage can link back to any other URL locations
  • Homepage font and colors can be adjusted

Customize Photo Gallery Colors

Customize text and background colors.
  • Each HTML Photo Gallery can be customized separately
  • Text and background colors are customizable
  • Background pattern can be set

Customize Photo Gallery Fonts

Customize fonts for photo gallery captions and title.
  • Font to use for the HTML Photo Gallery is customizable
  • A Preview Button allows to open the HTML Photo Gallery in a browser window